Transition Compass

Transition Compass

We combine global and local information from an ever growing community of Business and ICT projects with our proprietary algorithms and AI into a single SaaS application. On top of the information we continue to grow our community of Projects, supported by Advisory, Project Management, Training and Research services from our partners. We started in the Netherlands and we are expanding into other geographies across Europe.

Our Proposition

Running a project is a massive juggling act that requires coordinating a myriad of variables (stakeholder management, functional & technical requirements, development & testing, recruiting, culture, steering committees, and so on). Most often with limited resources.  Caught in a continuous race against the clock!

Whether you manage an independent project, or a project within a public-private partnership, in a corporate program, all you want is your project to thrive and survive!

What are the key factors of success, failure and recovery? How are these factors interrelated in every stage of development and delivery? How do we reduce the probabilities and costs of failure?

Transition Compass

Why Choose Us

Europe as well as the United States each waste around US$ 125 Billion annually in failure costs for their IT related projects!

Getting your requirements straight is hard. And moving further towards bigger success is even harder, because you have too little idea what really impacts your progress. The result is that growing your project from plan to hand-over is a difficult and inefficient process with often very disappointing results.

Geert Jan is an entrepreneur, academic researcher and lecturer over 20 years. He is responsible for the Research and Development and the originator of the AI and mathematical algorithms. Geert Jan is the author of several books and articles.

So we thought, what if we can measure where you are on your journey from plan to hand-over? What if we can make insightful the impact of past and future decisions, actions, errors or externalities on your journey’s progress? What if we can bring you these insights via straightforward dashboards on your smartphone, tablet or laptop? So you can be more certain about how to move forward, which way to pivot, or to stop altogether…..

Geoff is a seasoned entrepreneur, expert programmer and seasoned manager, of over 15 years. He is responsible for the Technology and the originator of the SaaS application. Geoff is active in several platforms to promote entrepreneurship across the European continent.

Together our team combines over a century of experience in mathematical algorithms, AI and projects.



Our ambition is to become the best, biggest and most fun platform for projects, programs and portfolios by 2020.

Frank is a seasoned entrepreneur, business developer and board room advisor, of over 25 years. He is responsible for Commerce and Operations. Frank is active in several platforms to promote entrepreneurship, across Europe, Asia and Africa.

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